At a certain stage in the developmental process, a strong urge to know arises in individuals. The basic questions of life awaken with a personal force: Who am I? Why am I? How am I? What am I? The urge to know through personal, direct experience compels us to undertake a solitary quest beyond group identities, beliefs and guidelines, into the individualizing process.
This is the beginning of the spiritual journey.


Consciousness Coaching

Do you want to:

  • a. Do personalized inner expansion work

  • b. Move toward functioning in finer frequencies daily

  • c. Explore a current growing edge

  • d. Take a relationship to a whole new level

  • e. Move past blocked energy to discover the waiting opportunities

  • f. Learn to know Self as the so-called Higher Self who has creative jurisdiction over the personality?

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April 2024
Four New Emerging Articles

Available on Kindle

Six of our books are now available as e-books through Amazon's Kindle service. The books are:

  • Sam Jaffe: An Actor Of  Character
    by Arleen Lorrance

  • Facing Cancer Without Fear
    by Arleen Lorrance

  • The Theatre of Life: Exercising Creative Jurisdiction Over Self
         by Arleen Lorrance

  • Yin, Yang and You: The Forces of Co-Creation
         by Mariamne Paulus (aka: Diane Kennedy Pike)

  • The Love Principles
         by Arleen Lorrance

  • Life As A Waking Dream
         by Diane Kennedy Pike

  • The Two
    A Novel by Arleen Lorrance

The books are also available in regular trade paperback from, directly from us at the address below, or by ordering on PayPal from our website  CLICK HERE  

The purpose of Teleos Institute is to provide orientation, training, experiential practice, challenge, inspiration, education, companionship, and support for those who are consciously choosing the individualizing process; to facilitate the shift in identification from personality to Self; and to encourage integrated, balanced, and creative expression in those who are awakening.

     Toward this end Teleos Institute offers classes, workshops, personal consultations and coaching sessions to foster integrated spiritual development and growth in individuals. We also publish a small magazine twice a year, called Emerging, and books.

     To see a list of our publications, click here.  To order books directly from Teleos Institute, click here.  To receive a sample issue of Emerging magazine and information about current program offerings, click here.



Teleos is a Greek word pointing to the invisible plan that gives order to Cosmos. Teleos is the overall design or purpose directing nature toward her fulfillment. Teleos is the pattern hidden within each human being that guides the individualizing process. Teleos is the archetypal paradigm that resonates within us as human beings, prompting us to aspire to realize our full potential. Since Teleos is imprinted in each of us, we turn within for guidance and direction and then move outward to give expression to our unique and essential participation in the whole.

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